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Why you should install sod during the winter in Texas

January 24, 2017

Thanks to mild winters and rare freezes, planting sod during winter is one of the best seasons in Texas to have your lawn ready by spring. When new sod is placed during winter, it gives your lawn ample time and good rain to grow and take root before the hot weather starts....continue

Is My Grass Dormant or Dead?

December 08, 2016

Lawns look great when they’re healthy and well-maintained, but there are a variety of factors that could turn a lush green field into a barren yard. One common issue many homeowners face is the appearance of brown spots, which could be the result of your grass simply lacking water or it having ...continue

Ensuring a Healthy Sod Grass Lawn During Winter

December 08, 2016

Most professional gardeners do not recommend planting your new sod grass in the fall or winter. New sod lacks the substantial root growth necessary to protect it from the cold winter months.

The young grass roots are vulnerable to frost and freezing, which will kill them before the plan...continue