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Ensuring a Healthy Sod Grass Lawn During Winter

December 08, 2016

Most professional gardeners do not recommend planting your new sod grass in the fall or winter. New sod lacks the substantial root growth necessary to protect it from the cold winter months.

The young grass roots are vulnerable to frost and freezing, which will kill them before the plants get the chance to get established. The ground underneath your new lawn might also be subject to frost heaves in winter, which could damage the immature plants over the season.

Some people, however, must plant in the fall because of project requirements. New buildings, sports fields, and other major developments are often built in summer, and sod is laid in fall for a finished look in the spring. In these cases, it is best to use a grass type that’s designed to withstand the stresses caused by cold temperatures.

Otherwise, sod grass can be laid anytime during the growing season and as late as early fall in warmer climates.

Protecting Your Sod Grass Investment

Sod grass usually represents a sizeable investment of time, money, and labor for homeowners. Sold by the square foot, it quickly fills in to become a beautiful lawn, eliminating the time needed for grass seed to germinate and mature. Sod also provides immediate structure for the garden. Planting raw grass seed on open soil can sometimes result in lumps and uneven areas if the dirt shifts before the plants gain a foothold.

Prepare Properly

Adequate soil preparation before installation is necessary to ensure the lawn’s survival over time. Removing rocks, sticks, twigs, and other debris from the ground will allow better root development for the young grass plants. Amending the soil with appropriate nutrients will also give the young plants a good start.

Water Well and Often

Once the preparation is complete, it does not take long to lay the sod itself, although that task is labor-intensive. Sod is heavy, and it takes several pieces to cover even a small patch of bare ground. If the day is warm, the sod will do better if the soil beneath it is wet during installation.

Many people envision a lush, green lawn as an enhancement to their home. By planting at the right time, and in the right spot, your new sod grass lawn is sure to give you many years of pleasure.

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